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As we all know co-working spaces are a blend of start-ups and freelancers working towards their goals. The team sessions at the shared offices or co-working offices might become challenging for anyone. Hence handling a team becomes complex at shared offices. Here we need to adjust our management strategies to keep pace with the changes related to the business for productivity. Some of the finest shared office spaces will have a well-designed layout, updated communication tools and multiple rooms for meetings and conferences.  There are a lot of ideas that describe how to manage a team in a co-working space, like team-building exercises, sharing ideas, encouraging and many more.

Here are 7 ideas on how to manage a team at a co-working space

Team building exercising

As we know we are going to be working with diverse people with different skill sets. This keeps them motivated with a feeling of oneness while improving their productivity and team spirit. Organizing team lunches, workout sessions and social outings, will not only help them to break the ice but also act as a helping hand in being comfortable at the workplace and working in collaboration. Team building will always help us in vital skill improvements such as problem-solving, communication, empathy, time management and productivity.

Utilize digital tools

It is certainly not possible to run a co-working space without dedicated management software. We need to keep all data organised for work productivity and make use of everyday facilities easy for employees. There are a few things that need to be maintained to help you with the easy pace of work-life such as a unified member database, or spaces availability, online bookings of meeting rooms, cost optimization and performance monitoring of the employees.  The use of digital tools will help your team to communicate more efficiently and effectively. The more trouble-free we make it for the employees that’s how smooth the flow of information and management is going to be.

Brand awareness

Business branding shouldn’t be confined to outside the workspace. Promote your brand within your workspace to your employees; nudge them with your identity and what you stand for. As they develop a sense of identity they will be part of your team in the productivity of your company. Confer them with some freebies such as mugs with your logos, stationery, t-shirts or hand over your business cards.

Manage privacy

Managing privacy in a co-working space can be very difficult at times. As they are shared spaces they can turn out to be noisy and disorganized. But if there are rules and regulations set from the beginning you tend to find a lot of solutions. Allow your employees to use their headphones so that they are not disturbing others around them, have a lounge space where they can attend calls without being too loud to their neighbours, ensure that there is enough personal space for each staff member and ensure a culture of respecting boundaries at your workspace. This also becomes easy for one to manage a team in a co-working space.

Data sharing

A vital part of managing employees at a co-working office is that we make sure all of us are on the same page. Encourage your employees to share their progress and ways of working. Allow them to do so via meetings or blogs or even project sharing. Applaud them with their good work. The idea of sharing their progress with others will always motivate the other employees. This will keep a healthy competition between the employees and help in their growth.

Offer to counsel

Always make certain to your employees that counselling is always available anytime and for anything they need. Offering counselling can keep conflicts away. No matter where you work, work stress is always a part of your life at days but the additional stress can make it difficult for an employee’s productivity or growth and lead to depression. Invest in a good counsellor who can understand their stress and give them relative solutions. You can keep common sessions with the counsellor and all your employees once a month even if they do not have a problem just to improve their mindset.

Let them personalize their workstations

Adding their personal item to their workstation will definitely improve the work growth of an employee. When you watch anything that makes you happy will enhance a positive mood.  Look for creative ways to accommodate your employees. Allow them to get a chair of their choice if they like to as most of them these days are suffering from back problems due to wrong ways of sitting.

These factors are not only going to help us manage a team at co-working offices possible but can be beneficial for your company as well. Today, the shared offices or co-working spaces are very affordable as they have become a good option for start-ups and entrepreneurs so working as a team together will benefit the entire organization.

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