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7 key etiquettes for co-working space we need to consider

etiquettes for co-working space

Etiquette in simpler words is described as a good behavior of an individual to behave in a responsible manner in society. It also refers to having a socially and logically responsible way of behavior in public. Need for etiquette is very important in today’s time as we meet new people, work with dissimilar people from various cultures and diversities.

Etiquettes play a very significant role in shared spaces, as you connect with the social environment this comes with a challenge in terms of overall privacy unlike at home and working with strangers. Moreover, we need to practice proper etiquette amidst the pandemic to have a productive, friendly, safe, and healthy workspace.

7 key etiquettes for co-working space we need to consider


No one wants to listen to their colleague’s conversation or the ear-splitting volume of your Spotify album, it is always recommended to keep your headphones handy. Make sure you mind your ringtone volumes, have a vague awareness of your volume while you chat with your peers at your desk or theirs, the loud burst of laughter is sure to distract everyone. 


Co-working spaces are those places where creative entrepreneurs and other professionals come together to work alongside one another in shared offices, keep office stationeries such as pens and papers at your desk and carry them with you to the meeting rooms so that you do not have to borrow them, it’s very necessary during the pandemic to maintain social distance and avoid borrowing the stuff.

Do not misuse any amenities at your workplace; remember that co-working spaces are communal spaces. It’s congenial to be considerate to your fellow mates in your area. Remember to cancel your reservations, at times we cancel our meetings and forget to inform, there are others who would require it.


Remember to sanitize your desk routinely, as it’s very important during these times. Even if you are the only one to use your desk make sure you sanitize it at the end of the day. If it’s a co-working area make sure you keep it organized as no other person would like to work at a messy or scattered desk or area.


It’s awfully important to maintain social distancing during these times, but that surely doesn’t mean you can’t have any small talks with your peers. Don’t isolate yourself make sure you pass a good morning when you see them. Try to be friendly and keep an open mind with your colleagues, apart from that make sure you are heedful of the energy that you portray when you are around others, remember you can affect the vibe at a co-working space.


Even if you are discussing your work with your colleague make sure you move to a meeting room cafeteria or lobby area where you are not disturbing others around you. It’s also good to avoid little talks near your desk, this surely is one of the most important or key etiquettes we need to acquire at co-working space, as usual, we tend to stop by at our colleague’s desks for a quick break or our relaxation.


Be apprehensive about others’ personal space as well as yours, show respect to your co-workers it’s good not to be interfering in their personal subjects. Even while you have to be at the meeting room, make sure you be ahead of time in the meeting room so as to avoid being squeezed by others to maintain social distancing. Make sure you maintain 2 meters of distance from each other.


It would be good for one’s part if we promote or share positive things about the workspace if we like it, this would ease building networking and business relations. It’s a great way to get your work done successfully and get interact with people and improve your potential.

However during the covid 19 pandemic working in a co-working space comes with great responsibility, in terms of health and safety of everyone.

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