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Co-working Space Good For Networking

Co-working Space Good For Networking

There is no denying that co-working isn’t only a space to work in, it’s a place to build a business, your connections, and grow networks.  Co-working space provides you with a great opportunity to build your network at the same time expand your business. Improving your networking at co-working spaces benefits you in being more productive, improves your knowledge, your conversational skills as well as your trading options, that’s why in today’s time it’s claimed co-working is the new networking.

Whether you agree or not networking plays a very vital role in the achievements of your business. People working at shared offices and co-working offices have higher chances of connecting with discrete professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing their ideas, building their rapports. Our focus should be on striking a conversation and making connections, this is where we learn how others are working and building their business. With that being said here are a few factors which affirm that co-working is the new networking!

6 Factors why Co-working Space Good For Networking


Remember it’s essential to break the ice, you can start with a plain greeting. Start your conversation that isn’t business-related; a quick chat or a fun discussion about a common event will help you to understand the person better. Having a conversation other than the work initially will help you to get along with like-minded people. This helps you with a host of opportunities to network better.

Be open and approachable, contemplate that while networking we need to build engaging conversations. This will help you boom your networking capabilities.


The key thing about networking is, don’t just take but also give knowledge and information.

As we are in a co-working space when we are sharing our knowledge about our business or industry we work in helps us in opening new opportunities for ourselves.

Co-working is also a great platform for referral marketing, once you start helping others you might also get referred with something good. Share ideas opinions and information that can add value to you as an individual and also help in future gains. This will also initiate the members at the workspace to connect and collaborate with each other.


Invest in some useful promotional material with your company’s name or logo and URL on it. Showcasing your products involves making your potential customers familiar with them. Invest in some basic things like coffee mugs, business cards, books, stationery, or any other creative things, but don’t just limit them to your client give it away if you have some more.

These investments are going to be helpful for you as they are going to help out in your marketing.


Grow into a social butterfly; generally, all co-working offices have cafeterias that are good to meet new people. As an entrepreneur or a start-up, our every minute is an enumeration. Have a walk around the entire workplace, observe the people around you, have a conversation, invite them for a coffee and small talks. These small talks will help you build trust which will in turn help in establishing networking and business. Make sure you keep the initial conversations light it shouldn’t sound like you are over pitching yourself or selling yourself.


This is one of the best ways to grow your business and propose your ideas to your co-workers. A co-working space helps you to arise in the sense of openness, creativity, productivity, and innovation. Attending or conducting an event will help you to flourish a strong bond and good network connections with your co-workers.

When you host an event you arise a kind of curiosity among the people regarding your business.


If you are in the co-working space for a while you are now familiar with a lot of people, but keeping an eye on new members is also important as they are your new connections. Share your experiences, express your passion and hear them out.

Co-working is a commendable place for networking; it has a mix of people from different educational backgrounds. Hence it’s just not a workplace but also a great place to connect. It offers instant networking gratifications, that’s where it can be termed as co-working is the new networking.

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