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Starting your own business can be challenging and difficult. According to research, 20% of new businesses fail during the initial two years. There are a lot of inevitable mistakes we make as an entrepreneur. However, a curious approach and proactive decision of entrepreneurs or business owners will lead to great success and be an inspiration to all. There are some issues every startup businesses can avoid common mistakes to ensure productivity. That being said you need not have to learn from your own failures, learning from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes that have made mistakes and ensured their way to success.

Below are 5 common mistakes every startup business should avoid to ensure productivity

  • Insufficient planning

Many businesses start out without proper planning. Planning with goals and objectives will help your business grow and be more productive. Short-term and long-term plans are very much essential for your business growth as it gives you an objective and idea of how to long will it take to achieve your goal and the amount of work and finance you are going to need for it.  Cash flow need, employee management, business growth, inventory management are the key factors in the process of business, only when they have been managed accordingly they will lead you to successful business growth.

  • Lack of focus on target customers

A perceptive entrepreneur knows who their target audience /customers are. This is a very important thing when it comes to having a successful business. If you know who exactly your target consumers are you can involve them in your product development too. Their reviews and feedback will help to improve your products or services. Your consumers are the ones who are going to let you hold on in the market and also take you off it. If you aren’t aware of your target consumers then your business will have to face a hard time.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

The biggest mistake a business owner do is to be afraid to face failure. As they say, failure is the key to success, but failing how you pick up yourself from your failure and later learn from your mistakes is going to be your as well as your business strength. Do not be too scared to fail as that is going to coach you on how to make the right decisions in the future. If you fear losing you tend to become more cautious which in turn makes it more likely to happen, in turn, take it as a lesson and learn so you do it differently next time.

  • Underestimating the competition

Many people are going to advise on not to stress on competition, but every company in a free market will surely have competition. Common mistake entrepreneurs do is to consider their competition as static. If you are creating new market space always anticipate that other people and companies will follow. If you want to succeed and grow your company understands your competitors. And do not focus on your competitor’s current strategies they will adopt new changes to compete.

  • Don’t overpromise

Overpromising is the worst mistake an entrepreneur can make to its clients. In fact, asking for a month’s time will make it easy for you as well as reduce the work burden. If you aren’t able to deliver your promises your image will suffer. So before you make promises be aware of your potential. If you are unable to complete the work within the time frame be upfront about it. And being honest with a client will show them your quality of work and how committed you are regarding your work. Remember unhappy clients are a roadblock to your company’s growth.

Now that we are aware of our common mistake it’s time we take it into practice. Although there are several startup mistakes we tend to avoid but few are inevitable. So learning from them and changing your pattern will help in productivity.

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