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There are literally hundreds of reasons for choosing to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur.  According to a survey, the most common reason is a healthier work-life balance.  Most of them believe that working as a freelancer is the finest way to meet their personal and career growth.  It offers liberty and flexibility which we can’t find in the 9 to 5 jobs. The other satisfactions that come with freelancing are they are the desire to choose when and from where you can work, your work schedule flexibility, freedom to choose your own projects, be more productive, decrease traveling stress, ample family time.  But with pros there are cons with everything, at times it becomes difficult to manage time and work while you are not amongst the colleagues or with the client. This can be achieved by time management as well as project management.

Here are a few Project Management tips for Freelancers

  • Time planning

As a freelancer, your responsibility should be to yourself and your work primarily. It’s good to entertain clients’ requests when you are able to do so, but at times you feel your client has accustomed to governing you and your work. Hence here we need to build up boundaries initially to make work go smooth and productive. Have extra time in your schedule for unexpected events and mix-ups. Set realistic deadlines. Do not take up the projects which you can’t finish in a shorter period or be very clear to your client with the dates. This is again going to lead you to sleepless nights which will impact your health. while working in a co-working space assure that your timing does not intrude on the other’s timings.

  • Skill enhancement

As technology develops our skillsets become decrepit. With enhance in technology and innovation we need to enhance our skill sets. To become a successful freelancer one need to anticipate their requirement and acquire the skills that you need to gain accordingly with today’s time. There are a lot of online programs today for building one’s skill set. Keep yourself updated on how quickly the technology changes and what is expertise you need for it. Soft skills are also essential for one’s achievements as it is the most essential part of personality development, as a freelancer you should establish good communication skills to work with your clients. Your presentation, politeness, and attitude help you to get a load of attention.

  • Financial management

An essential project management tip is your finance management. You are the financial controller in your business. This might sound fun until you get to know what’s going on. Firstly understand how much you need to spend. It’s well known that starting anything requires an amount of backing like software subscriptions, rentals, printing, phone charges, banking cost, and taxes. Calculate how much you want to earn every year. Have a figure in mind. Use these figures to calculate your target income.

  • Risk management

Risks are always lurking in whichever sector you work for. Risks need to be assessed and find different ways to reduce their occurrence now and then. Sense at the beginning what are the main risks for your success as a freelancer. Now reduce the likelihood of each risk. Make sure you have several clients so if one of them leaves you will not face a huge loss. Make sure your skill sets are updated so that you are on top of your game. Keep marketing your business so you have a lot of potential work on your plate. Wield on the cycle of ‘plan- implement- a review’. Lastly, always have a plan b for the source of income.

  • Relationship management

This is the essential role for managing as you do not have the advantage of face-to-face communication in freelancing. Always keep in touch, be proactive in contacting your clients, or update them with the progress in work. Try to build a rapport with them talk to them about their priorities and interest and goals related to the project. Figure out how they like to be communicated either by mails or calls. Some might reply with one sentence others in detail we will have to mirror them, be flexible with them.

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