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What to look for when renting an office space?


Are you launching a new business or growing your current one? Are you seeking a fully furnished office space in Bangalore to rent? We understand how difficult it can be.

Today, many firms and organizations, particularly startups, operate digitally and with remote workers. This has many advantages, including greater productivity from remote workers and costs savings from not having to rent office space.

However, your company may require an office location for meetings or when remote work is not viable. Fortunately, you can rent fully furnished office space in Bangalore for rent when you need them.

Why rent a fully furnished office space in Bangalore?

While some business owners choose to create their workspace, others are seeing the benefits of renting a fully furnished office. When your company is mostly digital or your staff work remotely, choosing an office location might be tricky. While two-thirds of managers believe that employees who work remotely boost their overall efficiency at work, some form of office space is still required for meetings or other purposes.

Many people overlook the significance of choosing the correct office, even though it could be the difference between their company’s success and failure. Dealing with the inconveniences of equipping your place, several vendors, building due diligence, and the property selection process itself may consume the majority of your time and energy. Even so, you can end up with substandard office space. As a result, you must tap into the expertise of seasoned plug-and-play office space suppliers. You may be looking for a small office, a medium-sized office, or a huge office, but whatever size you choose, you must meet some fundamental requirements!

One of the most significant hurdles to moving a company into an office is the furniture. It can be difficult to coordinate, time-consuming, and expensive to furnish an office. Fortunately, fully furnished offices are now a viable choice for business owners and entrepreneurs. There is no need to relocate desks, cubicles, or chairs into a furnished office; in fact, the office is fully ready and ready to use. Furnished offices have many benefits and there are many fully furnished offices in Bangalore.

8 checklists to be considered when renting an office space in Bangalore

Here’s a simple checklist for evaluating a furnished, plug-and-play office space in Bangalore based on our experience:

  1. Fully set- up: –  You can take ownership of a fully furnished office in Bangalore right away and get to work without disrupting business activities. Furthermore, it creates a more professional and lively environment, which improves your company’s productivity and reputation.
  2. Saves time: – When moving a business to a new location, it is critical to consider every detail. Everything should be carefully analyzed, from the location to the expense of furniture procurement. Even the most basic processes, such as selecting the appropriate kind of furniture, placing an order, and obtaining delivery, can take weeks or months. If you rent a fully furnished office in Bangalore, on the other hand, eliminates the need to wait and waste time. This is particularly effective for larger companies with a large workforce when even a day’s delay in operations can have a major influence on turnover.
  3. Accessibility and location: – Your office is more than simply a room; it’s a part of a larger ecosystem that your employees will use daily. Make sure your workplace is close to public transportation (BMTC bus stations, Bangalore Metro, etc.) and adjacent businesses such as eateries, cafes, and other hangout spots.
  4. Parking space availability: – As a corporate responsibility, you should encourage your staff to take public transportation wherever possible. However, you must ensure that enough parking spaces are available for you, your employees, and your visitors whenever they need them. You wouldn’t want your employees or visitors to waste time looking for parking every day, would you?
  5. Sunlight and Ventilation: – When it comes to choosing an office space, these are the two most disregarded aspects. However, this could have a severe influence on your employees’ physical and mental health. Lack of ventilation and sunshine can make your office feel dark and dingy, which might affect your employees’ productivity.
  6. Common areas: – Your employees will require space to socialize, disconnect from their laptops and desks, and re-energize. Make sure the workplace space you chose contains shared breakout areas, not just a matrix of desks and chairs.
  7. Security and safety: – It is necessary that the facility you select ensures the safety of your personnel. In the event of an emergency, the building should be conveniently accessible to the fire service, and there should be many emergency exits. The existence of CCTV cameras in and around the building is a significant plus; since it ensures that your workers can work late if necessary without fear of losing their goods.
  8. Accessible areas for disabled people: – We frequently ignore the unique requirements of certain of our staff and guests. You should make certain that the office environment is suitable for those with disabilities.

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