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Why Freelancers Are Opting For Flexible Office Space

The way people work has undergone a sea change over the years. Hybrid working is very much a part of our culture thanks to digitization. In addition, the pandemic caused a leap in digital adoption and impacted preferences regarding working style like never before. With this, flexible office spaces for work are emerging as a preferred option among businesses and also freelancers. This article discusses the hows and whys behind this trend.

The many perks of freelancing

Freelancing, remote working, and even solopreneurship are a hit among millennials and it is comparatively easier than it was in the previous generation. Reportedly, in the last decade, the number of freelance hires has increased manifold globally and the culture is slowly picking up in developing countries like India as well. While it is a debatable topic whether regular work or freelancing is better, many would agree that freelancing is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Let’s take a look at the perks and challenges of a freelancer’s life;

Work from any location

One of the most important perks of freelancing is that it allows you to work from anywhere – home or a library. In fact, people opt for freelancing so that they can avoid the hassles of traveling to offices. Just removing travel from daily routine makes a sea of difference in daily lifestyle. Some people love to work from home, and from their favorite corner of the house with their pet by their side. Working as you travel has also become a popular trend and many love it.

Flexible timings

Freelancers adjust their time of work as they juggle between projects. It’s an advantage in many ways. You can prioritize projects and even strike a good work-life balance which may not be easy but very much achievable. It comes with a great deal of flexibility so that you can spend more time with family or prioritize tasks each day and plan accordingly.

Unpredictable but high earning

While many take up freelancing for financial benefit, there are others, especially beginners who struggle to maintain a  steady income. In fact, life as a freelance consultant is unpredictable when it comes to a monthly income. However, there are many who testify that one can earn a huge amount as there is no limit to the number of hours or even the projects you take up. Your earning is directly proportional to the amount of work, however, it requires a good deal of self-managerial skills.

Choosing the unpredictable over monotonous

Since freelancers have the freedom to choose the time and location of working, they can find amazing places to work and also switch among the options often. Due to the rise of entrepreneurship and freelance businesses, office spaces for freelancers cater to the needs of these professionals. They can choose a desk to work independently and do away with a monotony which often hits in the regular offices where there are few or no choices.

A quick look at the drawbacks

There can never be an “all rosy picture” about anything and the same is true about freelancing. In fact, independent consultants are known to battle many devils (like those listed below) before they gain stability.

  • Working from home becomes a mess when you are staying in a shared apartment.
  • Many freelancers struggle to keep uniform levels of discipline and motivation
  • Many who work in creative jobs need the flexibility to change their place of work often
  • You miss out on technical support like IT or wifi network
  • On days when situations at home or neighborhood are not work-friendly, working becomes tough and frustrating
  • You miss a sense of belonging and also appreciation.

Well, with that you got a fairly good picture of life as a freelancer. As you probably noticed, the advantages can be easily overshadowed by the challenges. However, many of them can actually be overcome or mitigated when freelancers switch to working from a flexible workspace.

Let’s take a look at how office space for rent complements freelancers’ life and how the two are, at times, the right fit for each other.

What exactly is a flexible office space?

Flexible office space for work is one that lets professionals book the required number of desks and along with this uses other amenities like the lounge, cafeteria, parking, internet, and tech support, printers/xerox, meeting rooms, calling rooms, etc.

An important advantage over the traditional office spaces is that even if you need an office for a single employee or you are a solopreneur working on your personal project, you still get what you require. Moreover, it is much more cost-effective.

Why more and more freelancers are choosing flexible workspaces?

Although the rise and popularity of shared working spaces made it obvious that it has many advantages for the millennial lifestyle and also the growing culture of independent working, there are certain aspects of flexible workstations that particularly complement freelancing.

  • It’s light on the freelancers’ pocket

No need to invest in a years-long contract. Contracts as short as 6 months are available. Many added amenities are included which makes the price justifiable. Lesser strictness and lesser rules in initiation and termination of the contract. All these make it a good deal in office space for rent.

  • Imparts a sense of community, high on networking opportunities

As freelancers often miss belongingness and community, office spaces for freelancers can solve this problem to a great extent. Leading shared office spaces have their own apps which let employees view updates about events, post individual updates, and become a part of the community. A default advantage is meeting prospective clients and networking.

  • Imparts comfort, privacy, and discipline

Love the discipline of getting up in the morning and having to reach somewhere? That’s what your own workstation provides you despite a freelancer’s routine. You show up on your desk because you have set the boundaries right both in the physical and mental space. All this while you don’t compromise on your comfort and privacy.

  • Let’s experiment

Coworking spaces are apt for those who just want to try out whether the offerings suit you or not. You can easily move from shorter contracts to longer ones or even terminate if required.

  • Convenient for professional meetings

The meeting/conference rooms in the shared workspaces can come really handy for freelancers when a sudden client meeting is scheduled or for any other official meeting. Even if it’s a virtual meet, you can have them completely hassle-free and in the utmost professional manner.

  • Stimulates creativity

Many freelancers are creative professionals such as writers and designers. Meeting a diverse set of people, enjoying the freedom to work at the common lounge or cafeteria stimulates creativity resulting in amazing work.


Where we work affects our relationship with work. Owing to the above-listed advantages, an increasing number of freelancers are choosing flexible workspaces overworking for home or regular office. Evidently, it’s adding to adaptability in the present times. It’s also impacting the new-age work culture not only for millennials but for all age groups.

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