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What’s in a name? Reckoning to the business you want to start depends on whether you want your company’s name to make it big or small matters a lot. Well, knowing some important tips for successful brand building will thrust in some kind of conviction to imminent business owners.  No doubt the brand is more than just a name the actions, the reputation of your brand is what gives the name a place in the market. But as a business owner, your brand’s name is the top priority that you’ll have to decide upon. A recognized brand is the most valuable asset a company owns. As a small business owner, it becomes tough to compete with bigger names in the market who have dedicated customers and limitless marketing budgets. With a solid brand-building process of our own, the brand is sure to stand out amongst the competitors. So let’s take a dive into important tips for successful brand building.

Let’s look into 8 important tips for brand building

  • Research your target audience

To establish a brand you need to be aware of the audience to whom you are connecting. You need to have a targeted section of people to who you are going to sell the products or services. While you might want to reach out to everyone a predetermined goal or set of the target audience will make it effortless while marketing. Once you have your target audience, research their likes and preferences. Read your competitor’s product reviews which will make it easier to understand what the customers want in a product.

  • Carry out research on your competitors

Analyze your direct competitors and their brands. Do not try to mimic them but instead carve your own identity. You don’t have to strive to be better than them initially but instead, try to find ways to differentiate your brand from them.  Pay attention to their logo, color palette, methods they engage with their customers. Make sure you have similar goals and aspirations as them to study them.

  • Have a comprehensible business plan

This is an essential step for a business owner; if you don’t have a road map of where you want your company to go there will be no purpose for your brand. Your business plan is going to determine your brand’s identity. Be considerable with what your potential is, will you be able to achieve the targets within the time expected. Know yourself to understand your brand, the purpose of your brand, what are your company’s values, what are promising your customers and how are you going to deliver them. The most valuable thing in your brand-building process to you is your customer.

  • Acknowledge your shortcomings

It’s unable to build a brand if you are not ready to acknowledge your shortcomings. Look into the process of your work with an honest eye. Make an attempt to fix your shortcomings if you have any. Understand the gaps in the process try to fix them up with a change in process or a change with the business plan. If you are unaware of your mistakes you will be unable to reach your target goal.

  • Design for long term

Consider how your branding will sustain over time. As your brand is the most valuable asset to your organization its sustainability is a vital thing to consider. The product and services a company offers to create a personality about the brand which customers can relate to. Building a successful brand requires a long-term strategy. A long-term strategy ensures your brand grows with your target consumers. Hire a coworking space for easy and quick networking.

  • Don’t try to make everyone contented

There is no way that your products or services are going to speak for every person. You will have a target audience to content their needs. Don’t consider the entire world as your customer. It’s impossible to please everyone, and that’s good. Do not try to be a good brand for everyone instead pursue to be a perfect brand for your target audience.

  • Be consistent

Once you have a brand idea in your mind be consistent that this is going to be the identity of your company. Brand consistency is your company’s ability to have communication and maintain positioning. Consistency also helps in maintaining the brand’s values and elements that create its identity. It’s not only about visual elements of the brand it requires customer experience, values, and brand identity elements.

  • Have a strong digital presence

There is a lot of business that is being carried out online today, so try to extend your brand to social media channels and other digital platforms. Make sure that it includes visual as well as voice messaging. This allows you to engage with customers, respond to their queries and get to know their likes and dislikes about the product or service.

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Co-working spaces have been a phase-changing revolution that has transformed commercial real estate.  It is a space that is designed to stimulate a sense of community. As we know the co-working spaces are commonly occupied by different types of professionals or entrepreneurs or small start-ups. But few factors or ways should be considered on how entrepreneurs and start-ups are beneficial from co-working spaces as there might be a lot of similar styles of working patterns for their productivity.  Co-working spaces uncommonly known for small and growing businesses are ideal for diverse types of professionals. They are modern office types thus there are a lot of factors on how co-working spaces will help you achieve goals.

Novel entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses can use co-working spaces for collaboration activities, to get their work done, to acknowledge in their local work community. In traditional office spaces, things get expensive like printers, coffee machines to furniture. Whereas when it comes to co-working spaces they are never really confined, already furnished, and get less expensive. Shared offices or co-working spaces are available for both short-term and long-term periods; hence we don’t have to worry about it. Getting exposure to different types of industries and businesses is added advantage of co-working offices.

Here are a few factors on how co-working spaces will help you achieve goals

  • You make long-lasting and personal connections

Co-working spaces create a collaborative and creative work environment.  Usually sharing a workspace with an absolute stranger will sound intimidating but co-working spaces make it effortless.  They are open communicative areas where one can share knowledge and ideas with different people and organizations. We end up making connections with potential clients and business associates.

  • Lower capital investment

Shared offices or co-working spaces are more cost-efficient you save money on buying spaces,  technical setup, internet connectivity, or housekeeping. It saves an immense amount of money. Moreover co-working spaces further also help with expansion plans or business growth.

  • Gives you higher productivity

Unlike work from home culture, co-working spaces give you an environment where you grab opportunities for productivity. Also the professional setup there will give an impression to your potential customers and business associates. In a shared workspace, you find yourself with different types of technical people, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others who offer more creativity and insights into the new trends.  Most co-working spaces also host events with other professionals to build the network and grow their business.

  • Helps your image reliability before clients

A meeting can be taken anywhere at any place but a professional look gives them an idea of how responsible and committed a team you work as. Some of the traditional working clients might hesitate to ponder over your work styles and your responsible behavior, so you might risk your work with your casual approach. When you rent a co-working or shared space you give them confidence in your potential towards your work. Co-working spaces provide you with conference rooms and other amenities which helps you with providing professionalism to your team. Thus co-working spaces will help you to achieve goals.

  • Stimulates support for technical challenges

If you are sharing your office spaces with tech start-ups this will help you to deal with different problems related to technology at affordable prices. Also, co-working spaces are a great lookout for freelancers as they are flooded with them. You can work along with them in the same environment. This not only helps you to save money but also time.

  • Work-life balance

A good work-life balance is key to a successful business. Commuting through a packed office time from home to office will cause a reduction in overall productivity. If you are working at a shared office near your place it will not only reduce your stress of commuting but also lets you work with like-minded and productive people and balance your work life.

  • Customized office spaces

A co-working office provides customizable spaces that are designed in a way that represents your ideas and brands. Private areas can be designed in a way that can accommodate your requirements.  One does not have to rent or invest in types of equipment and designs.  Usually, the basic layout comprises workstations, meeting or board rooms, and breakout sessions place. Most of them will also provide cafeterias, gym or yoga rooms or lounges. As you will be choosing a small space of the large shared space it will be provided with internet services, various technical services as well as the reception.

  • You’ll get great Collaboration opportunities

The benefit of co-working is that you get an ample amount of exposure to networking.  Working in close proximity to various individuals gives you an opportunity for collaboration. You get to meet them at the organized community events and learn new skills which will help you with enduring that you are with the ongoing trends.

Shared offices or co-working spaces focus on having a modern yet professional work environment.  It commits you to a place with an exciting environment to keep you motivated and improve your social life and work productivity.

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As we all know co-working spaces are a blend of start-ups and freelancers working towards their goals. The team sessions at the shared offices or co-working offices might become challenging for anyone. Hence handling a team becomes complex at shared offices. Here we need to adjust our management strategies to keep pace with the changes related to the business for productivity. Some of the finest shared office spaces will have a well-designed layout, updated communication tools and multiple rooms for meetings and conferences.  There are a lot of ideas that describe how to manage a team in a co-working space, like team-building exercises, sharing ideas, encouraging and many more.

Here are 7 ideas on how to manage a team at a co-working space

Team building exercising

As we know we are going to be working with diverse people with different skill sets. This keeps them motivated with a feeling of oneness while improving their productivity and team spirit. Organizing team lunches, workout sessions and social outings, will not only help them to break the ice but also act as a helping hand in being comfortable at the workplace and working in collaboration. Team building will always help us in vital skill improvements such as problem-solving, communication, empathy, time management and productivity.

Utilize digital tools

It is certainly not possible to run a co-working space without dedicated management software. We need to keep all data organised for work productivity and make use of everyday facilities easy for employees. There are a few things that need to be maintained to help you with the easy pace of work-life such as a unified member database, or spaces availability, online bookings of meeting rooms, cost optimization and performance monitoring of the employees.  The use of digital tools will help your team to communicate more efficiently and effectively. The more trouble-free we make it for the employees that’s how smooth the flow of information and management is going to be.

Brand awareness

Business branding shouldn’t be confined to outside the workspace. Promote your brand within your workspace to your employees; nudge them with your identity and what you stand for. As they develop a sense of identity they will be part of your team in the productivity of your company. Confer them with some freebies such as mugs with your logos, stationery, t-shirts or hand over your business cards.

Manage privacy

Managing privacy in a co-working space can be very difficult at times. As they are shared spaces they can turn out to be noisy and disorganized. But if there are rules and regulations set from the beginning you tend to find a lot of solutions. Allow your employees to use their headphones so that they are not disturbing others around them, have a lounge space where they can attend calls without being too loud to their neighbours, ensure that there is enough personal space for each staff member and ensure a culture of respecting boundaries at your workspace. This also becomes easy for one to manage a team in a co-working space.

Data sharing

A vital part of managing employees at a co-working office is that we make sure all of us are on the same page. Encourage your employees to share their progress and ways of working. Allow them to do so via meetings or blogs or even project sharing. Applaud them with their good work. The idea of sharing their progress with others will always motivate the other employees. This will keep a healthy competition between the employees and help in their growth.

Offer to counsel

Always make certain to your employees that counselling is always available anytime and for anything they need. Offering counselling can keep conflicts away. No matter where you work, work stress is always a part of your life at days but the additional stress can make it difficult for an employee’s productivity or growth and lead to depression. Invest in a good counsellor who can understand their stress and give them relative solutions. You can keep common sessions with the counsellor and all your employees once a month even if they do not have a problem just to improve their mindset.

Let them personalize their workstations

Adding their personal item to their workstation will definitely improve the work growth of an employee. When you watch anything that makes you happy will enhance a positive mood.  Look for creative ways to accommodate your employees. Allow them to get a chair of their choice if they like to as most of them these days are suffering from back problems due to wrong ways of sitting.

These factors are not only going to help us manage a team at co-working offices possible but can be beneficial for your company as well. Today, the shared offices or co-working spaces are very affordable as they have become a good option for start-ups and entrepreneurs so working as a team together will benefit the entire organization.

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Co-working Space Good For Networking

Co-working Space Good For Networking

There is no denying that co-working isn’t only a space to work in, it’s a place to build a business, your connections, and grow networks.  Co-working space provides you with a great opportunity to build your network at the same time expand your business. Improving your networking at co-working spaces benefits you in being more productive, improves your knowledge, your conversational skills as well as your trading options, that’s why in today’s time it’s claimed co-working is the new networking.

Whether you agree or not networking plays a very vital role in the achievements of your business. People working at shared offices and co-working offices have higher chances of connecting with discrete professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing their ideas, building their rapports. Our focus should be on striking a conversation and making connections, this is where we learn how others are working and building their business. With that being said here are a few factors which affirm that co-working is the new networking!

6 Factors why Co-working Space Good For Networking


Remember it’s essential to break the ice, you can start with a plain greeting. Start your conversation that isn’t business-related; a quick chat or a fun discussion about a common event will help you to understand the person better. Having a conversation other than the work initially will help you to get along with like-minded people. This helps you with a host of opportunities to network better.

Be open and approachable, contemplate that while networking we need to build engaging conversations. This will help you boom your networking capabilities.


The key thing about networking is, don’t just take but also give knowledge and information.

As we are in a co-working space when we are sharing our knowledge about our business or industry we work in helps us in opening new opportunities for ourselves.

Co-working is also a great platform for referral marketing, once you start helping others you might also get referred with something good. Share ideas opinions and information that can add value to you as an individual and also help in future gains. This will also initiate the members at the workspace to connect and collaborate with each other.


Invest in some useful promotional material with your company’s name or logo and URL on it. Showcasing your products involves making your potential customers familiar with them. Invest in some basic things like coffee mugs, business cards, books, stationery, or any other creative things, but don’t just limit them to your client give it away if you have some more.

These investments are going to be helpful for you as they are going to help out in your marketing.


Grow into a social butterfly; generally, all co-working offices have cafeterias that are good to meet new people. As an entrepreneur or a start-up, our every minute is an enumeration. Have a walk around the entire workplace, observe the people around you, have a conversation, invite them for a coffee and small talks. These small talks will help you build trust which will in turn help in establishing networking and business. Make sure you keep the initial conversations light it shouldn’t sound like you are over pitching yourself or selling yourself.


This is one of the best ways to grow your business and propose your ideas to your co-workers. A co-working space helps you to arise in the sense of openness, creativity, productivity, and innovation. Attending or conducting an event will help you to flourish a strong bond and good network connections with your co-workers.

When you host an event you arise a kind of curiosity among the people regarding your business.


If you are in the co-working space for a while you are now familiar with a lot of people, but keeping an eye on new members is also important as they are your new connections. Share your experiences, express your passion and hear them out.

Co-working is a commendable place for networking; it has a mix of people from different educational backgrounds. Hence it’s just not a workplace but also a great place to connect. It offers instant networking gratifications, that’s where it can be termed as co-working is the new networking.

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7 key etiquettes for co-working space we need to consider

etiquettes for co-working space

Etiquette in simpler words is described as a good behavior of an individual to behave in a responsible manner in society. It also refers to having a socially and logically responsible way of behavior in public. Need for etiquette is very important in today’s time as we meet new people, work with dissimilar people from various cultures and diversities.

Etiquettes play a very significant role in shared spaces, as you connect with the social environment this comes with a challenge in terms of overall privacy unlike at home and working with strangers. Moreover, we need to practice proper etiquette amidst the pandemic to have a productive, friendly, safe, and healthy workspace.

7 key etiquettes for co-working space we need to consider


No one wants to listen to their colleague’s conversation or the ear-splitting volume of your Spotify album, it is always recommended to keep your headphones handy. Make sure you mind your ringtone volumes, have a vague awareness of your volume while you chat with your peers at your desk or theirs, the loud burst of laughter is sure to distract everyone. 


Co-working spaces are those places where creative entrepreneurs and other professionals come together to work alongside one another in shared offices, keep office stationeries such as pens and papers at your desk and carry them with you to the meeting rooms so that you do not have to borrow them, it’s very necessary during the pandemic to maintain social distance and avoid borrowing the stuff.

Do not misuse any amenities at your workplace; remember that co-working spaces are communal spaces. It’s congenial to be considerate to your fellow mates in your area. Remember to cancel your reservations, at times we cancel our meetings and forget to inform, there are others who would require it.


Remember to sanitize your desk routinely, as it’s very important during these times. Even if you are the only one to use your desk make sure you sanitize it at the end of the day. If it’s a co-working area make sure you keep it organized as no other person would like to work at a messy or scattered desk or area.


It’s awfully important to maintain social distancing during these times, but that surely doesn’t mean you can’t have any small talks with your peers. Don’t isolate yourself make sure you pass a good morning when you see them. Try to be friendly and keep an open mind with your colleagues, apart from that make sure you are heedful of the energy that you portray when you are around others, remember you can affect the vibe at a co-working space.


Even if you are discussing your work with your colleague make sure you move to a meeting room cafeteria or lobby area where you are not disturbing others around you. It’s also good to avoid little talks near your desk, this surely is one of the most important or key etiquettes we need to acquire at co-working space, as usual, we tend to stop by at our colleague’s desks for a quick break or our relaxation.


Be apprehensive about others’ personal space as well as yours, show respect to your co-workers it’s good not to be interfering in their personal subjects. Even while you have to be at the meeting room, make sure you be ahead of time in the meeting room so as to avoid being squeezed by others to maintain social distancing. Make sure you maintain 2 meters of distance from each other.


It would be good for one’s part if we promote or share positive things about the workspace if we like it, this would ease building networking and business relations. It’s a great way to get your work done successfully and get interact with people and improve your potential.

However during the covid 19 pandemic working in a co-working space comes with great responsibility, in terms of health and safety of everyone.

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10 elements for a successful coworking space

Choosing to work out of shared facilities can be based on a multitude of reasons like cheaper rent, better amenities, short lock-in periods, and a pleasing ambiance. Here co-working refers to an area where a common space of workstations is rented out, usually on monthly plans.

It’s a simplified and cost-effective alternative to traditional offices which suits freelancers and start-ups. A traditional office space with the same amenities as a coworking outfit will almost always be more expensive to set up and run. Shared offices can save you money in establishment costs, which you can then use to generate new business leads and income. So consider these 10 elements for a successful co-working space.

10 elements of a successful co-working space


Analyze your expenses wisely, choose an appropriate co-working space that fits your budget. Don’t think about this as an upgrade or downgrade, but as getting the best for what you want to spend seeing your monthly rent become a liability is the last thing that you would want.

With a co-working office, administrative support like electricity, high-speed internet, coffee machines is not something you need to worry about. You also don’t need to worry about investing in printers, telephones, air conditioners, etc. These are facilities that come with such co-working spaces and can be used when needed.


Anyone would definitely want their data, important files, and other things to remain safe, it’s better to look only for places with high-security standards. Look over if there is a security officer available or they are providing surveillance cameras. Inspect if they have anti-hacking software and procedures in case of data breaches.


Make sure you look out for the essential equipment while you are picking out a working space, the basic essentials if provided will keep your budget untroubled. It must contain everything from basic furniture, internet connection, kitchen supplies, stationeries, power back up, ACs to printers, photocopy machines, computer software, storage equipment, and telephone systems.


Choose your location wisely, the first question to ask while searching for an office space to rent or sell in Bangalore is its location. Located in the prime locality which connects to the public transport easily will help the employees and clients while choosing the business. This plays a crucial role in your brand image not just in front of your clients and customers but also in front of your potential employees. It’s better to find it in the prime location which will be closer to the homes as well as to other places which are relevant to your business.


Satisfactory work-life balance is very important to the employees today for great work results. It benefits you to stick to a more efficient work schedule and improve your focus on work and develop a routine that helps in your productivity. You get a great opportunity to interact with others and socialize and build your network easily. Most of the employees feel relaxed while co-working as they get to meet people with different sectors which do not only leads to their growth but is beneficial growth to the organization as well.


a conference room creates a quiet environment without distractions, which allows everyone in the room to focus. Not only that but you’ll be able to hear one another too. It gives you privacy unlike a public setting for your private and confidential meetings. It also gives you a sense of professionalism where everyone expects the meeting will be conducted in a professional manner which makes them understand it’s time to get down to business if they are too relaxed.


Kitchen space or lounge space is the vital part of building a strong office culture within teams is achieved through socializing and strengthening professional relationships. If you’re unsure whether you will benefit from a kitchen space in your office, think of it from a different point of view. For example, kitchen space can be a great place to hold an impromptu meeting if other meetings spaces are unavailable. They’re both clean and comfortable. It is also essential to keep up with the basic needs of your employees.


While looking for a co-working space it is important to understand how flexible the place is in terms of timings and future expansions. Make sure to ask about a special hour or timings Another aspect where flexibility takes priority is workspace modification. A coworking space should accommodate your space expansion and downsize with minimal time wastage.


Team building activities are one way to get your employees working together and to their potential, this can be done by appreciating your employees, encouraging their skills, and collaborating. The major benefits are they will improve their communication skills which will lead to an increase in their productivity. Team building activities will help in boosting their morale, to get them to know their colleagues and also their potential, it improves their physical health their mental health and also identify their leadership qualities.


Make sure you have some recreation time for your employees which will help them to improve their physical and mental health. It does not have to necessarily be a bodybuilding gym, but a rather run on a treadmill or a yoga session will help with the much-needed physical relaxation and get back to work. This benefits them with improved concentration, prolonged mental stamina, enhances their creativity, and lowers their stress.

To wrap it up you’re going to need to prioritize what you need from your coworking space to get the best return on your investment as coworking is the easiest way to reduce your operational cost. When working with other like-minded people and companies, you acquire so much knowledge and ideas that could apply when creating your next big business project. Switching your work environment is an excellent refresher for your head, and bouncing ideas with other people can provide a creativity boost.

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How to set-up an office in Bangalore with a minimum price

How to set-up an office in Bangalore with a minimum price

Bangalore is home to numerous encyclopedically famed transnational companies besides leading public organizations. A considerable number of IT applicants and implicit job campaigners from the different corridors of the country flock to the Silicon Valley of India every time because it boasts multitudinous tech enterprises.

Also, utmost startups prefer commencing operations in the IT capital of India compared to other metropolises. Hence, like utmost first time-entrepreneurs, conclude for an office space for rent in Bangalore if you want your incipiency to flourish successfully in a quick time.

Away from the culture, the frugality of this vibrant megacity is necessary for gearing towards a global plant culture. Bangalore’s lively work population fosters and enables startups, small and mid-size business enterprises to prosper. So, look nowhere differently other than Bangalore for setting up your office.

Still, you need to consider certain effects when opting for a suitable workspace on a budget. Know that besides the budget, a business organization selects an office space taking its current platoon size, inflexibility, rate of expansion, and several other effects into account.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the essential factors you should consider when choosing a plant in Bangalore within a budget.

  • Determining the Convenient Office Space Type

It’s of consummate significance to determine the correct type of workspace to commence and conduct business operations seamlessly. Piecemeal from a conventional private office space in Bangalore, you’ll also find managed office space, coworking space, and serviced office space at an optimum cost. In the commercial sector especially, professionals these days can thrive better in a dynamic work terrain.

Currently, dependable and married office space providers are more in tune with the workspace conditions of aspiring entrepreneurs of this generation. Hence, utmost marketable space furnishing companies these days offer multiple office space results.

Nearly every incipiency in this digital age prefers a coworking space rather than other available workspace results. Numerous also regard it as a flexible office space. When a particular incipiency chooses one similar space, it shares the named plant with many other startups. Quite naturally, your incipiency establishment becomes an integral part of the community when you conclude a coworking space.

Those who elect flexible workspaces in Bangalore more generally pay on the basis of the number of diurnal engaged seats rather than per unit area in use. Coworking spaces can help you develop solid connections with other startups, get further work openings, and successfully boost business growth.

  • Managed Office Space

Business organizations with workers anywhere between 70 and 180 conclude with a managed office space for rent in Bangalore. However, such a sizeable office space will surely come to your great help, If your association isn’t an incipiency but an amid-size company. You won’t have to face any issue in perfecting the functional effectiveness and hand productivity if you invest in a managed marketable space.

Nothing you need to do on your own and witness any hassle when you elect such a place for operating your business because an expert managed space provider looks after everything. You can start performing at full force within a couple of days after finalizing a managed workspace.

A trusted provider will arrange seats you bear besides designing and decorating innards in a way you wish. It also ensures needful amenities, top-notch conservation, and exceptional hospitality. Such an office space will be worth every penny you spend. It’ll help you stay focused on your business matters and attain your objects. You have to pay on an enthralled per unit area base and not per seat.

  • Choosing the Right Office Location

You would obviously not want your office to be in a remote place. It’s vital to choose an office space for rent in Bangalore without a deposit and ensure it’s located within the megacity. You have to take the action to find and set up your office in a passing area in Bangalore for the sake of your workers and guests.

The easier and quicker it’s for you and your platoon members to swap to the plant, the better it’s for your business. While reaching an office space provider, you have to make sure that all possible means of transport are available near the plant it provides to you.

  • Opting a Reliable Workspace Provider

You can get relieved of important hassle and begin your business operation snappily if you resort to the right office space furnishing company. Such a provider will help you find a suitable office space within your budget and reduce your diurnal functional expenditure.

A thorough professional and reputed office space provider can get you an office cabin for rent in Bangalore at a reasonable price. However, well- furnished and well-equipped plant for flawless business functioning, communicate a dependable provider, if you’re searching for a commodious.

Still, taking the factors mentioned over into account is imperative, If you’re presently on the lookout for decent office space in Bangalore. Successfully setting up your office with a minimal cost in a high position in Bangalore will come as a hassle-free task for you only when you find the right provider.